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Filipina girls

Tagalog Movie

Maui Taylor...the ultimate Hot Babe wants to get intimate with you.

Let the woman child set your passions ablaze in ten sweltering scenes.

Watch Maui Taylor turn herself into enchanting goddesses mere mortals cannot refuse.

  • Maui Taylor

Pinoy Movies - Skin City - Embed Only

skin citySkin City video brings together all the Hot Babes from batch one to present plus other sexy sirens.

Get a blow-by-blow as it takes you behind the scenes of a magazine pictorial.

Peep into their dressing room.

See them get them and dirty.

Observe them in naked protest.

Never before has a video been this chock-full of hotties!

Get goose bumps from skin-tinglers Andrea, Anna, Asia, Avi, Claire, Desiree, Ella V., Hazel, Jen, Jennifer, Katrina, Katya, Kristine, Lailanie, Mara, Maricar, Maui, Rachelle, Raven, Renee, Sachie, Scarlet, Sheree, Sophie, Vanessa and Zarra.

From eye-popping poses to steamy secrets and dangerous disclosures, this video will surely make you jump out of your skin!

  • Andrea del Rosario
  • Asia Agcaoili
  • Desiree del Valle
  • Ella V
  • Hazel Cabrera
  • Maui Taylor


Pinoy Movies - Rose And Lollipos - Embed Only


Tagalog Movie

When Judith (Kuhdet Honasan) fell deeply in-love with one of their house helpers, she decided to leave all the extravagant living she had, not knowing that this will be the start of her misery and sufferings in the hand of her lover.

In order to survive, she became a bar dancer and exploited her flesh just to earn a living.

Trying to redeem herself, she met Limweng (Kat de Santos), a rural girl who have a simple ambition in life.

They both worked in club and became close friends.

Tension arises when Judith confesses her true sexuality.

Roses and Lollipops, a place of self-discovery and self-realization in unveiling the characters concealed identities.

  • Kat de Santos
  • Kuhdet Honasan
  • Jon Romano
  • Mark Dionisio
  • Clark Concepcion

Flipino Movies - katrina halili hayden kho Scandal & More - (EMBED ONLY)


katrina halili and hayden khokatrina halili and hayden kho Scandal

& More Celeb Scandals





Filipino Movies - Filipina Bebes - (EMBED ONLY)


x postFilipina babes






Flipino Movies - Leron-Leron Sinta - (EMBED ONLY)


leron leron sintaLeron-Leron Sinta

Tagalog Movie

Leron Leron Sinta stars Vilma Santos, Edgar Mortiz, Jay Ilagan, Florence Aguilar, Lillian Laing, Karlo Vero in this film that fuses music and film perfectly.

Witness their characters explore the world of love and the beauty and madness that come with it.

Watch them as they perform certain scenes with song numbers bringing pleasure and entertainment to the next level.

Directed by Emmanuel H. Borlaza.

  • Vilma Santos
  • Edgar Mortiz
  • Jay Ilagan
  • Florence Aguilar
  • Lillian Laing
  • Karlo Vero

Pinoy Movies - Hot Stuff the Video - EMBED ONLY


hot stuff the videoTagalog Movie

The controversial magazine is now on video.

Exclusive behind the scenes and photos you've never seen.

Strictly for adults only.

  • Viva Hotbabes


Pinoy Movies - Manila Exposed 4 - EMBED ONLY

manila exposedManila Exposed









Pinoy Movies - Manila Exposed 3 - EMBED ONLY




manila exposedManila Exposed











Tagalog Movie

Maharot, a teasing love story of naughty girl named Cecil (Kuhdet Honasan).

The story heightened when Venel (Clark Concepcion), the soldier lover of Cecil, was assigned in Mindanao for a military mission.

Days passed by, with the absence of his girlfriend's caring heart, he seeks sexual passion and attention with another lass... leaving Cecil with a broken heart and unfulfilled promises.

Because of shattered vows, Cecil seeks affection in the persona of Venel's younger brother, James (Jon Romano) and had a forbidden relationship with a policeman in their town.

After a couple of years Venel returned to his hometown wanting to resolve all the troubles he left, he found Cecil's discreet and unfaithful relationships with different men leading him to a discovery of sexual diversion.

  • Kuhdet Honasan
  • Jon Romano
  • Clark Concepcion


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