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On the surface, Harry comes out as a happy-go-lucky guy growing up in Olongapo.

But inside he has a dark mission--- to find his American father and kill him.

When Harry was young, his father used to pimp his mother and eventually Harry himself.

An attempt to escape Harry's father lead to his mother's death.

He ran away to Manila and ended up working in a gay bar. Where he is also able to discover a final truth that leads him to his ultimate redemption.

FILIPINO MOVIES - Ang Galing-Galing Mo, Babes - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - Itlog Tagalog Movie

Babes has established a good reputation as an entertainer in Japan that clients fought over her.

But soon, the fighting becomes intense she decides to come home but with a different identity.

Babes decided to continue her career as an entertainer and as expected, customers never seem to get enough of her.


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Tagalog Movie

Directed by Francis Posadas

Diana Zubiri
Allona Amor
Celso Ad Castillo
Rodel Velayo
Winston Elizalde
Rusty Santos


pinoy movies - Centerfold Tagalog Movie

From the same team that created 2003's box-office and critical hit, "Bridal Shower", comes a fresh and bitingly funny satirical take on Filipino beauty contests- Bikini Open.

Presented in a "mockumentary" (fake documentary) format, this up-to-date comedy chronicles the proceedings of an on-going bikini contests in one of Malate's sing-along-bars.

Go-getter Susan, an investigate TV host desperate for higher TV ratings, exposes not only what goes behind the pageant but even the most private lives of the aspiring contestants: Gail- a wannabe movie star; Lara- the overachieving "perfect" girl and Binibining Pilipinas beauty contestant hopeful; Sonny- the hunky playboy gym instructor and Billy, a would be singer in search of his real father.


pinoy movies - Centerfold Tagalog Movie

One of local filmdom's most desirable woman, Ina Raymundo, returns in a film even more daring than Burlesk Queen.

Madam X chronicles the life of a young woman caught in the middle of an ugly war between her fiance and his father.

Filipino Movies - SexDrive - (EMBED ONLY)

blackout filipino moviesTagalog Movie

Maui and Katya dare you to take the road trip of your life.

Maui Taylor is Sheila, a sweet and innocent teenage model who manages to remain a virgin because of her fear of sexual penetration.

Katya Santos is Mel, a fashion photographer with an unbridle appetite for sex.

When these two meet, Sheila tells Mel about her recent break up, Mel then decides that they should follow the guy up north to Sagada in her yellow Wrangle jeep.


blackout filipino moviesTagalog Movie

Paolo Paraiso makes his big screen transition via "Imoral" opposite Katherine Luna and Arnold Reyes with Edgar Allan Guzman.....

A lot of people put a high priority on monogamy in a relationship.

However, there are rare intances when the couple agrees to have an open relationship, allowing the participants to take other partners.

Written by Gerry Gracio ("Santa- Santita"), "Imoral" tackles the dynamics of the relationship between a husband, his wife and his lover as they all live in one house.


Tagalog Movie

The art of striptease and sensual dancing.

Movements that trigger provocative feelings....

Dancing that heightens sexual love.....


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Tagalog Movie

A story of false hopes and deceit in a world where innocence in sin.

Cathy thought she was having the time of her life when Nick, the school's heartthrob suddenly noticed her and started giving her special attention.

She was, after all, a very shy person who is as ordinary as the rest. Little did she know that she was the object of a bet between Nick and his friends.

Later on, she learns the truth and vows to get even at all cost.

Directed by Quark Henares

Maui Taylor
Patricia Javier
Wendell Ramos
Jordan Herrera
Marie-France Arcilla
Ramon De Veyra

Filipino Movies - Ekis Walang Tatakas - Embed only

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Tagalog Movie

A member of a kidnap-for-ransom gang, Gene is a reluctant criminal. A hoodlum with a big heart, he treats his victims with kindness.

Gene gets into a passionate affair with Dolor, a former bar girl who is now a kept woman of a rich man who beats her.

Both Gene and Dolor plan to escape: he from the syndicate, and she from her cruel lover.

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