Tagalog Movie

The art of striptease and sensual dancing.

Movements that trigger provocative feelings....

Dancing that heightens sexual love.....


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Tagalog Movie

A story of false hopes and deceit in a world where innocence in sin.

Cathy thought she was having the time of her life when Nick, the school's heartthrob suddenly noticed her and started giving her special attention.

She was, after all, a very shy person who is as ordinary as the rest. Little did she know that she was the object of a bet between Nick and his friends.

Later on, she learns the truth and vows to get even at all cost.

Directed by Quark Henares

Maui Taylor
Patricia Javier
Wendell Ramos
Jordan Herrera
Marie-France Arcilla
Ramon De Veyra

Filipino Movies - Ekis Walang Tatakas - Embed only

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Tagalog Movie

A member of a kidnap-for-ransom gang, Gene is a reluctant criminal. A hoodlum with a big heart, he treats his victims with kindness.

Gene gets into a passionate affair with Dolor, a former bar girl who is now a kept woman of a rich man who beats her.

Both Gene and Dolor plan to escape: he from the syndicate, and she from her cruel lover.

Filipino Movies - Centerfold - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - Centerfold Tagalog Movie They are beautiful. Young... and fresh. They are objects of desire... Idolized by many... Fantasized by men... They are the centerfold dancers..... " I started at 14. No one invited me to be a dancer. I just wanted to be one."



Filipino Movies - Lalamunan - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - Lalamunan Tagalog Movie

When songbird Darla temporary loses her voice to laryngitis, she seeks medical help from throat specailist Andre who reveals to her that there is more physical ailment.

Eventually, Darla reveals her real pain--- she is Devon's battered wife.

What starts as a patient-doctor relationship sparks into a passionate but dangerous liaison because suspicious Devon threatens death and so does Andre's wealthy and obsessed girlfriend Kathleen.

Darla's discovery of Devon's and driver Aston's secret, almost causes her death but changes the course of her life forever.

Directed by Jigz F. Recto

Hazel Cabrera
Jordan Herrera
Maricar Dela Fuente
Ran Domingo
Rico Barrera

Filipino Movies - Bente - (EMBED ONLY)

pinoy movies - benteBente
The political thriller Bente features three parallel stories of the three main characters – a hard-hitting radio commentator Arnie Guerrero (Estrada), a bodyguard (Gomez) of a corrupt mayor, who is frequently criticized in radio programs, and the student activist Mervin (Gatchalian). The mayor instructed his bodyguard to murder Arnieafter he has revealed corrupt practices of the said mayor on his radio show. The body guard, on the other hand, has his own personal problems as his wife played by Iza Calzado is committing adultery.

Mervin has his own fair share of death threats, given by his participation in social movements.The movie will feature a climactic ending, which will surely change forevermore the loves of the three main characters.

To support the interesting plot are superb performances from the lead and supporting casts. Goma portrayed his character very well. Even when he has no dialogs and just standing or sitting still, his presence is felt with skyrocketing intensity. Jinggoy’s portrayal of a happily-married man who fears nothing, even death, just to support his cause is nothing short of fantastic. Aldred’s acting, on the other hand, was just enough to give justice to the role of a young social activist.Aside from receiving a very rare A from the Cinema Evaluation Board, the film Bente was showered with praises and positive comments from those who saw it.

Filipino Movies- Swing it Baby - EMBED ONLY

filipino moviesTagalog Movie
Love is like dancing. No matter how many times you have been out of tuned, you will always go back to hitting the right one. Learning it may not be easy at first but if you find the right partner for you, then you can sway together... forever. Let's dance along with Marilen (Vilma Santos) and Ben (Romeo Vasquez) as they discover more about love and friendship. Directed by Al Quinn. Vilma Santos Romeo Vasquez Amy Austria Geleen Eugenio Tito Vic & Joey

Filipino Movies- Sikil - EMBED ONLY

filipino moviesTagalog Movie
Three friends, two boys and a girl growing up in a small town south of Manila, share the same dreams, the same pains, the same visions and the same passions. As they reach adulthood the love they have for each other reaches a new intensity and in this perfect friendship, choices have to be made testing their loyalties while discovering their preferences. From being childhood friends they become three individuals struggling to find their true identity, looking for a deeper meaning to their existence. This friendship was almost perfect but for the choices they have to make, the very choice that is capable of ripping their friendship apart when boy loves girl, girl loves boy and boy loves boy. A different kind of love that brings on the true beauty, the deeper meaning of forgiveness and the joy of letting go. Directed by Roni Bertubin Ken Escudero Ashley Silverio Wil Sandejas Sylvia Sanchez Ernie Garcia Dido dela Paz

Pinoy Movies - Co-Ed Scandal - EMBED ONLY

Co-Ed Scandal

Tagalog Movie

Two girls and a boy of barely legal age are caught having sex on tape.

Who are they? Why did they do it? Where are they now?

The film draws answers from the urban legends that grew around the controversial sex videos and the result is a humurous narrative with elements of mock documentary.

Leo (Ryan Eigenmann) is a 21-year-old co-ed student in a prestigious college.

He dreams of making and starring in his own "dirty movie" and becomes obsessed with the idea.

Leo eggs his girlfriend Claire (Jennifer Lee) to be part of the video.

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